Time for living

at its best

Time for living at its best – alone or together with your partner or familiy.


The boarding house wittlich offers a comfortable and relaxed home for almost all living needs with the most different motivations – no matter whether you are waiting for your own house to be ready, whether you need some time to look for the right apartment or want to complete your probationary period. You have the freedom to choose the time yourself.

Lying close to the regions Eifel, Mosel and Hunsrück and the neighbouring countries France, Luxembourg and Belgium, Wittlich is also an ideal place to stay for a vacation.



Discovery Region – Location with Added Value

Discover a unique region offering something for every age.

Culture, action ore just relaxing – you are going to find everything in the region in and around Wittlich.

You will find up-to-date restaurant tips here soon.

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Cycle Tracks
Maare Mosel Cycle Track (from Daun to Lieser)
Cycle Track Wittlich Valley (from Wittlich to Schweich)
Cycle Track along the Salm creek (from Dreis to Klüsserath)
Cycle Track along the river Moselle (from Thorn Castle to Koblenz)
Cycle Track along the Kyll creek (from Dahlem to Trier)

Cycle Loop Tracks
Pilgrimage Loop (28 km) Wittlich – Altrich – Klausen – Monzel – Platten – Wittlich
Wine Loop (50 km) Wittlich – Platten – Klausen – Minheim – Lieser – Wittlich



Lieser Path
(part of theEifel Trekking Club’s main hiking trail no. 3 from Aachen to Lieser)
Eifelsteig Discovery Loops in the Moseleifel region
Culture and Discovery Trails in the Moselle area
Bremm Calmont (trekking trail in Europe’s steepest vineyard)


Sculpture trail
Sports & leisure
Sport and leisure park, National Park Hunsrück-Hochwald
Am Erbeskopf, DE-54411, Deuselbach
Deuselbach, Thalfang am Erbeskopf
Phone +49 6504 778
The Erbeskopf, Rhineland-Palatinate’s highest mountain, has been re-designed in 2011. After having removed the traces of former military use the Erbeskopf plateau has been restored in its original shape and provides a short hiking round trail. In spring 2012 the Erbeskopf round trail has been transformed into a sculpture trail where six artists are showing their works.